Windscreen Repairs Melbourne

Cracked Windscreen – need a windscreen chip repair?

Superior Windscreens – windscreen repair Melbourne can offer you a cost saving option other than replacing your cracked windscreen.

Some minor damage to your auto glass may not require complete windscreen replacement. Accidents such as a bullseye breaks or star shaped cracks can be repaired. Windscreen repair Melbourne uses an Esprit repair system for cracked windscreen and windscreen chip repair which will restore 100% strength to the damaged area of the cracked windscreen.

Cracked WindscreenWindscreen Repair Melbourne

Firstly we drill a hole into your cracked windscreen we inject specially designed adhesive resign straight into the lamination layer of your auto glass then we let it dry, accelerating the curing process with a UV light. When the adhesive is dry, the clarity and strength of your windscreen will be restored, avoiding a windscreen replacement in favour of a windscreen chip repair, saving you time and money.